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Benny gives pitch at Airport City Haarlemmermeer

Benny gives pitch at Share in Airport City Haarlemmermeer
All media need to be sustainable special those that produce programs about sustainability. How can you make programs about sustainability while you studio is hooked up to a unsustainable power plant.

Share was this year located at Sugar City 

Share was this year located at Sugar City 

                                                         getting ready to give Pitch

                                   Pitching and interviewed by Rens de Jong RTL-Z and BNR

After Benny's pitch André van den Berg CCO Schiphol agrees that the media needs
 produce in a sustainable way and wonders why no one ever told him about PureMedi


Students Geography from the University Victoria (Canada) visit the "set" of Pure Media

Benny Vink twenty students and two instructors 

In May 2017, twenty students and Dr. Cameron Owens
Associate Teaching Professor from the University of Victoria (Canada) set off on a travel study adventure. After a week in Victoria, they will travel from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Northwest on a month-long itinerary from Paris to Copenhagen. En route, they will meet with city planners, designers, activists, community leaders, academics, and others grappling with the daunting social and ecological crises facing cities and ths week they visited   the "set" of Pure Media where in the last four years the documentary CityRoofTops was filmed.
Benny Vink was able to explain that all film and media need to shift to a more sustainable way of working and he showed how sustainable filming can be done with succes.
He also talked about the documentary CityRoofTops,GrowingHome and AChef'sHeart

Students relaxing on top of the Roof on Building B


GrowingHome Film recordings during volunteer week.

Growing Home is about the path that Sandra & Santi have taken and continue to walk. It is about where they come from and where they are walking to.  

Two passionate gardeners according to the permaculture principles, offer a holiday destination where you can sit back, relax, enjoy the countryside and feel at home and love food which comes straight from their garden or one of the local farms aroud. 

More about Growing Home at http://growinghomethefilm.blogspot.nl/

Hooking up a mic to Santie

Santie explanes his new aquaponics system to the voluteers

After two days film recording time for a break

Film recordings of our new documentary Growing Home

Growing Home is about the path that Sandra & have taken and continue to walk. It is about where they come from and where they are walking to.  

Two passionate gardeners according to the permaculture principles, offer a holiday destination where you can sit back, relax, enjoy the countryside and feel at home and love food which comes straight from their garden or one of the local farms aroud. 

waiting at 5.30 am for Jon I am just not a morning person

 Friday morning got up early 5.00 am waiting for ride with Jonathan Karpathios to Rotterdam airport. From there we go to Sandra & Santi 's   BB Simply Canvas in France to do some brainstorming  and film recordings for our new documentary Growing Home

 After 1.5 houres flying we land in  Bergerac (Dordogne)  France where Sandra waits for us with a big smile and brings us to her BO in Bonac where we can stay in the white cottage.

The White Cottage I sleep downstairs Jon will try to sleep upstairs.
After putting my gear and baggage in the white cottages I took a peek at the schedule
wine tasting,locale market,fishing, snail hunting and again organic wine tasting looks like fun but first lunch

Cheese from raw milk tasted so much better.

sausage and meat from the locale frames market it
Sandra did an amazing job 
More about Growing Home can be foud at the blog of Growing Home


A Chef's Heart documentary door pure-media

A Chef's Heart international documentary trailer

In   A Chef's Heart  we can see  the passion of an Amsterdam based Michelin star chef Chris Naylor and follow his journey to a more sustainable and social way of preparing high end food with a focus on vegetables.

More about A Chef's Heart

Trees and dirt are going up on Building -B

Today  we continued film recordings 
Philip is turning the rooftops in Amsterdam into self sustaining edible gardens called roof food. He does this with the help his other partners like Dak dokters
It was again an inspiring film day on top of building B.The first bags with dirt and first eatable trees went up trees with pears and grapes .
with Philip Traa  from Grown Down Town. 


Third nomination for the documentary "Tomorrow's Food".

Third nomination for the documentary "Tomorrow's Food".

We are happy to annouce that "Tomorrow's Food"  has been nominated for a thrid time @ the Festiva de Scene y Gastronomia in Spain.


Largometraje | Benny Vink | Países Bajos | 2010-2014 | 51 min | V.O.| Competitiva

La mejor manera de saber de dónde provienen los alimentos es cultivarlos uno mismo.

El chef Jonathan Karpathios cultiva sus propias verduras, se encarga de su propio invernadero y cría sus propios cerdos. Y si hay algo que él mismo no puede producir, lo adquiere a nivel local.

Es su receta para salvar el mundo. 

Philip van Traa on B.'s Rooftop Garden

Benny Vink & Philip van Traa
Today we continued to follow Philip van Traa (Grown Down Town) as he shared his vision for the Rooftop Garden at B.: A garden that invites it’s visitors to look around the corner. And an integrated garden. There are plans for chickens, for example. In his vision they feed off the leftover food that comes from the restaurant, while they fertilize the vegetables and fruit, which in turn can be served in B.’s restaurant.

Benny Vink

Benny Vink

Benny Vink & Philip van Traa


Tomorrow's Food gets a nice film review at Food4All Festival

On the  9th October,  Tomorrow's Food was screened at the 3rd edition of the Food4All Festival, this year titled Hungry for Justice. 

The screening of Tomorrow's Food and the  question & ask afterwards was a great success since many viewers where inspired. 

Please take a look at compilation of that evening made by FIAN hots of the Food4all Festifal. 


Pure Media at Week of the Entrepeneur event

Martijn Aslander

When I cycled back home on Wednesday the 26th of November, I was encouraged. I’d just visited the Amsterdam edition of the Week of the Entrepeneur with Benny Vink. Together we’d been to a session on growth and listened to some great speakers. Seeing similarities between our values and theirs, helps me realize we’re not the only ones doing things differently.

Merel Westrik shared from her heart how it hurt to leave her former employer, step out of her comfort zone and do something new (see here at 12:42). That spoke to me, as I’m facing some growing pains of my own. At those times it’s good to hear someone else made it to the other side. 

Martijn Aslander spoke about the necessity to innovate. Innovate or your business becomes irrelevant, because somebody else did innovate and just made your way of doing things obsolete. Finding it hard to make time for the important things in life, this message brings the point home: take time to learn about new stuff. Innovate or die. 

Eric Toren made a passing comment about family and business that struck a chord. Something along the lines of: “I’ve found that you can’t pour yourself into more than one business if you also want to spend time with your family”. Apparently he’s found a way to combine spending time with his family and running the best hotel in Amsterdam according to Tripadvisor. Respect.

Great product, great process.
Another person that combines great things is Tony Chocolonely’s CEO Henk Jan Beltman. Perhaps here the similarities between what we’re doing with Puur Media are the strongest. He makes great products, but does it “slave-free”. No compromise. Pure Chocolate coming from a pure way of treating people. That's how we make media as well, pure.

In sum.
We were pleasantly surprised to hear several core values of Puur Media being shared: Growth, innovation, family and great products from great processes. That encourages us to step forward on the path we're headed with Puur Media. Below you can see some pictures. Enjoy!

Benny Vink with mascotte

Benny Vink, Rik Versteeg and two mascottes

Merel Westrik

Michiel Muller
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