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Pure Media at Week of the Entrepeneur event

Martijn Aslander

When I cycled back home on Wednesday the 26th of November, I was encouraged. I’d just visited the Amsterdam edition of the Week of the Entrepeneur with Benny Vink. Together we’d been to a session on growth and listened to some great speakers. Seeing similarities between our values and theirs, helps me realize we’re not the only ones doing things differently.

Merel Westrik shared from her heart how it hurt to leave her former employer, step out of her comfort zone and do something new (see here at 12:42). That spoke to me, as I’m facing some growing pains of my own. At those times it’s good to hear someone else made it to the other side. 

Martijn Aslander spoke about the necessity to innovate. Innovate or your business becomes irrelevant, because somebody else did innovate and just made your way of doing things obsolete. Finding it hard to make time for the important things in life, this message brings the point home: take time to learn about new stuff. Innovate or die. 

Eric Toren made a passing comment about family and business that struck a chord. Something along the lines of: “I’ve found that you can’t pour yourself into more than one business if you also want to spend time with your family”. Apparently he’s found a way to combine spending time with his family and running the best hotel in Amsterdam according to Tripadvisor. Respect.

Great product, great process.
Another person that combines great things is Tony Chocolonely’s CEO Henk Jan Beltman. Perhaps here the similarities between what we’re doing with Puur Media are the strongest. He makes great products, but does it “slave-free”. No compromise. Pure Chocolate coming from a pure way of treating people. That's how we make media as well, pure.

In sum.
We were pleasantly surprised to hear several core values of Puur Media being shared: Growth, innovation, family and great products from great processes. That encourages us to step forward on the path we're headed with Puur Media. Below you can see some pictures. Enjoy!

Benny Vink with mascotte

Benny Vink, Rik Versteeg and two mascottes

Merel Westrik

Michiel Muller
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