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Don't Look Away


A few times at work, church, schools, and clubs I have seen predators trying move in on their victims every time I warned them friendly You don't want to do this please stop but if you continue I have to report you. The first three organization asked me to look away, let's give him/her another chance, we want to be sensitive to the feelings of this person and did not take any action or value in my warnings. The club security talked to the victim and removed the predator form their premises. Later the girl came to me and said "Why did you do that nobody has done such thing for me before " So please don’t not look away. This not just for Batman but for all people who have eyes to see and a mouth to report and authority who did not do anything Shame On You !!
Yesterday afternoon I entered the Film Supply contest and decided that it was time to share this in film.

#Don'TLookAway from Filmsupply Challenge on Vimeo.
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